Barcelona ring roads

Maintaining and improving an infrastructure which is basic for metropolitan mobility


Law 31/2010, of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, awards the management of the Barcelona ring roads to the AMB. This is a fundamental infrastructure for the mobility of persons and goods around the territory. The AMB is in charge of their ordinary management, conservation and maintenance since January 1st 2012.

During the 2011-2014 period, works have been carried out on these ring roads for a sum of 24.7 million Euros, consisting of:
  • Roadways surveillance and assistance tasks.
  • Conservation and renovation of road surfaces
  • Draining and sewerage surveillance
  • Planting vegetation.
  • Slope maintenance.
  • Roadway cleaning.
  • Replacement of road signals and signs.
  • Winter roadways tasks.
  • Lighting and electrical system.

Litoral ring road
In monetary terms, the largest actions are highlighted:
  • Renovation of 15.8 km of road surface, covering a total of 194,300 sqm, representing 20% of the total ring roads, for a sum of 1.8 million Euros.
  • Electrical energy expenditure, for a sum of 8.8 million Euros.
  • Flowerbeds, cleaning and planting, for a sum of 2.2 million Euros.
  • Maintenance of tunnel facilities, for a sum of 2.8 million Euros.
During this period, the AMB has carried out the maintenance of Gran Via avenue, from Les Glòries square to the limit with Sant Adrià de Besòs, and has also undertaken research projects to reduce the environmental impact of the infrastructure and to improve road safety.

urban road
Gran Via avenue